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The 'Raiders

(In Chronological Order)

Paul : Haley


Martin : Hynes

'Indy Niall'

Scott : Wheatley


Al : Bloomfield


Dirk : Forsdyke


Litmus Indy Niall Scotty Al Turkish
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals Rhythm Guitar Lead Vocals Drums & Didgeridoo

Photography by Claudia Barth. Headline Gig at the Dublin Castle, Camden, London


Litmus (then called Paul) met his bosom buddy Martin, who knew soon to be also bosom buddy Scotty and they formed 'Vacant Lot' & later 'Spontin' with drummer Neil Diplock

then later Scotty met singer Al, who was a good mate of Dirk's and soon the 'Raiders jigsaw fell into place...


In loving memory of Neil Diplock (sadly missed) who played a major part in this story


The 'Raiders studio album "They Can't Take What You Haven't Got" came out on May 5th 2006 Gregorian

(All 'Raiders Artwork & Logos by Al Bloomfield)


Home Studio Album:

'They Can't Take What You Haven't Got'

(Production by Litmus on 'erb records at Spontin Studios. Written by Litmus and/or Martin Hynes and/or Al Bloomfield)


The Plaster Man (B Sides & Out-Takes)

Production by Litmus on 'erb records at Spontin Studios.

Originals written by Litmus and/or Martin Hynes, Al Bloomfield, Dirk Forsdyke, Cliff Coates



Live at Ipswich Music Day

Sunday 3rd July 2005 (Gregorian)

BBC Radio Suffolk Stage

Recorded by BBC Radio Suffolk. A huge thank you to Stephen Foster



Live at the BBC (Radio Suffolk)

Recorded by BBC Radio Suffolk. A huge thank you to Stephen Foster



Song Writing Credits

All tracks written by Litmus A Freeman © Project Freeman Music except for the following collaborations:

"Let It Go" (Cliff Coates & Litmus)

"And So My Egoes" / "Intracity" / "Shop Corn" (Litmus & Martin Hynes) © Project Freeman Music/Griller Music

"Take Your Time" / "New Thing" (Martin Hynes & Litmus © Griller Music/Project Freeman Music

"Look Inside" (Litmus & Al Bloomfield) © Project Freeman Music/Sparky Music

"Dijiri Dirj" (Dirk Forsdyke, Litmus & Al Bloomfield) © Sparkish Music/Project Freeman Music


"El Bastardos" / "Call Out My Name" written by Al Bloomfield © Sharky Music


Tuscan Raiders Supported:

Stop The War Coalition & CND


Tuscan Raiders were based in Ipswich, Suffolk (Great Britain) and performed 86 gigs between September 2004 and October 2006

Thanks to everyone who came to see us...

Tuscan Raiders live at The Milestone, Ipswich. From left: Litmus, Al, Dirk, Martin, Scott

(Photo by Claudia Barth)


©Tuscan Raiders/Project Freeman Music 2004-2006 (Gregorian)